Protestant Church of Czech Brethren in Miroslav

Our congregation in Miroslav has its roots in the half of 19th century, when it was founded as a filial congregation of a church in Nosislav. The church was built in 1846 and shortly afterwards, the congregation has become independent.

The church has brothers and sisters around the area with chapels in Litobratřice, Bohutice, Troskotovice and Moravský Krumlov.

Our presbytery resides next to the church (Miroslav, Husova street 67/46), where most of the community events take place. The service is held regularly every Sunday at 8:30am. During the service, children leave to have “Sunday school”.

On Sundays there is also a special event happening in the evenings called Kruh (which means “Circle” in English). Starting with a prayer, we continue with talks on diverse topics (like traveling, poetry, lectures, music, etc.).

This is not supposed to be a full listing of our activities. Just come and you will see that we are open to everyone. In the name of Jesus Christ.